Tory Lanez and Drake have a strange relationship. Late last year, Tory dropped a mixtape called The New Toronto that seemed to poise him as the next star from T. Dot. Drake must have heard about the news, because months later he referenced the mixtape on his "Summer Sixteen" single: "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little," he says at the start of his second verse. Shots fired.

In a recent interview that happened in February but was just recently put online, Tory was asked about the shot on DJ Drama's Shade 45 show. For awhile he skirts the question, saying he's not sure why Drake would diss him (if, he clarifies, it's a diss at all) because they don't even really know each other like that.

But minutes later (at about the 11:15 mark) Tory says Drake must feel threatened by the "Say It" star. "I'm just a young kid," says Tory. "Me personally, I don't think I'm even hot enough to be getting dissed. But hey, at the end of the day he must look at me as a threat. The music is appealing and I don't know why he did it, but more blessings to him." Later on in the interview Tory says he looks up to Drake.

He goes on to talk about why he doesn't like people calling Toronto "The Six," how he's the originator of the new wave of "thuggy" R&B, what it is about the city that's producing so much talent, and how we can expect the album come "summer '16." Listen to the whole interview above and hear his new single "L.A. Confidential" below.

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