Tory Lanez and Drake are no longer enemies, but for a few years the Canadian rappers weren't seeing eye-to-eye. Luckily, the two were eventually able to squash their beef and during a recent interview, Lanez detailed how big of a moment it was.

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, the Memories Don't Die rapper said ending their feud wasn't just an important moment for him but it was also big for music in general. "As far as like me and like Drake like kinda coming together and just talking and getting to know each other and stuff like that, I felt like it was just a big moment for music in general," Lanez shared. "We just spoke. We just spoke as two men, that was it. It wasn't some crazy like candlelit room, like mafioso boss moment. We just spoke."

According to the rapper, the two never really had much conversation in the past, so when they were finally able to sit down and talk, Lanez realized they had a lot in common. "I think now that we spoke more it’s kind of like all of the things that he goes through I go through," he said.

"I kind of go through probably on a way smaller scale because I'm not at that level in my career where he is, but I think there's a lot of similarities between us as people that we probably just never thought was there before but at the end of the day it is, so that was a good moment," Lanez continued.

The feud between Drizzy and Tory finally came to an end in May. According to reports, mutual friends of the artists were able to get them to settle their differences and the rappers then met up in New York City and snapped a few pictures chilling together.

Check out Tory Lanez discussing his relationship with Drake below.

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