On this day, Jan. 15 in hip-hop history...

2015: From late 2014 to early 2015, Future was in a Michael Jordan zone. In a six month period, the Atlanta rapper dropped three mixtapes that had the Internet going nuts in Monster, 56 Nights and the Jan. 15 release Beast Mode with Zaytoven.

The middle project of the famed trio, Beast Mode is the shortest of the group, clocking in at only eight songs. Juvenile and Young Scooter had guest spots on the project, but the standout tracks were "Lay Up," "Real Sisters," "Forever Eva" and "Just Like Bruddas," where the Freebandz boss addressed the break up with his ex, Ciara.

Future's resurgent three-peat was highlighted by the hilarious memes that took over the internet, applauding his banner stretch.

Back in 2016, Future and Zay announced that they had completed the follow-up project, Beast Mode '16, which was originally expected likely drop at some point that year. "If it came to it [and] I needed to drop right now, we done," Zay told DJ Vlad in an interview back in September of 2016. "I’m confident in what we got right now to drop another Zaytoven and Future project. We're really done, but we keep working though. Future’s the guy where if I send him some beats while he on the road and there’s a pack of beats that he really like – if there’s a new vibe or new wave – he like man, keep feeding me more. Feed me more of this every day.”

The highly-anticipated sequel, eventually titled BeastMode 2, finally saw the light of day in July of 2018, taking the game by surprise despite the fact that Zaytoven hinted the project might be dropping this summer back in May.


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