Zaytoven has worked tirelessly to become one of the top producers in the hip-hop industry, and his work ethic is proving to be unmatched. The Atlanta superstar recently sat down for an interview with Sway In The Morning on Shade 45, where he spoke on a slew of topics, including his beat-making process for the best artists in the game.

While he detailed how he got his start in making beats in school, as well as the history of Atlanta music and the streets when he lived in the Georgia city, he also dropped a major tidbit about his work. Around the 19:50 mark, the super producer claims he has never spent more than 10 minutes making a beat—and that goes for all of his notorious songs today, as well as in the past.

"There is no record that you have heard me produce that I done spent over 10 minutes on," he told Sway. "I got into it with Gucci Mane. And the reason why is because he's impatient. I'm impatient. We want to listen to this music in our car. I don't want to do just one song and ride around and listen to that. I wanna listen to five songs. So we can't do five songs if I spend an hour on a beat and you spend an hour writing it. Now, we only got one song to listen to."

Zaytoven also says that if he spends more than 15 minutes on a beat, he more than likely isn't feeling it. While Sway questioned his claims, wondering if that includes every detail needed to create the beat, such as additional chords, the producer explained that every aspect of making the beat is done in those 10 minutes. He says that if he goes back to add anything else, it could risk messing up the original sound he was intending to master from the beginning.

The Beast Mode producer also talks about other producers stealing his drops, as well as earning a Grammy for his work with Usher in the past. He even shares some intimate details about his upcoming Birds of a Feather 2 movie that is slated to come in the near future.

Watch the full interview from Zaytoven below to see him describe the process.

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