It's never a good thing when it circulates that a rapper has been robbed. Often occurring at a show, at their home or even while an MC is away on a trip; it seems that the jewels constantly flaunted within the hip-hop community make rappers the ultimate target for robbers. With chains getting snatched and homes cleaned out non-stop, it alludes that the glamorized lifestyle does indeed have a downside.

In July of 2015, thieves targeted Chris Brown's home and held his aunt at gunpoint. The LAPD believed Chris Brown's friends were in on the job as the robbery was timed perfectly as Chris went off to do a hosting gig. The four guys who are said to have broken in the home also knew that Breezy had just gotten $50K in cash for an appearance and demanded the money from his safe. Big Sean's home was also robbed within the last year and in 2009 Soulja Boy's home was broken into while he and some of his crew were held at gunpoint.

2 Chainz, Gunplay, Kanye West and DMX are also victims of robbery, along with a gang of other MCs. In the gallery above, look over 14 different times rappers were robbed.

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