While many people are caught up in the assumption that hip-hop and sports go hand in hand, there have been a few instances when that wasn't the case. Rappers and athletes have (at one point or another) crossed the line into the other's career territory, whether it be an athlete taking an unsuccessful attempt at rapping or a rapper throwing an awful pitch.

50 Cent and Snoop Dogg were both plastered in the media after throwing bad pitches at baseball games. “50 Cent Throws Worst First Pitch Ever At Mets Game,” reads a headline from the Daily Mail. In early June, Snoop suffered a similar fate while throwing the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game. "Snoop Dogg rivals 50 Cent with terrible first pitch before a Padres game," wrote Today.com. Over time, the culture has seen many more examples of this with Floyd Mayweather's rap song and Drake's post-game interview alongside Sacramento Kings player Demarcus Cousins.

In the list below, check out a few times when rappers and athletes took it a little too fast and ran into some interesting situations. From 50 Cent to John Cena and more, rappers and athletes' skill set don't always mesh so well.

  • 1

    50 Cent Throws Out First Pitch at Mets Game

  • 2

    When John Cena Put Out a Rap Song

  • 3

    Snoop Dogg Throws Out First Pitch at Padres Game

  • 4

    Tory Lanez's Questionable Jump Shot

  • 5

    Drake's Post-Game Interview With DeMarcus Cousins

  • 6

    The Game Punches Officer During Basketball Game

  • 7

    Floyd Mayweather Releases Rap Song

  • 8

    Mac Miller Falls After Getting Crossed

  • 9

    Waka Flocka Misses A Dunk

  • 10

    Drake's Air Ball

  • 11

    Lil Yachty Tries to Dunk

  • 12

    Tory Lanez Gets His Shot Blocked


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