T.I. has had a stellar hip-hop career, and now, the Atlanta MC is thinking about retirement. In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, T.I.P. shares the title for his final album and talks inspiration.

The 36-year-old rapper discusses the possibility of retirement around the 30-minute mark of the clip, which you can view below. "I'm ready to get the hell outta [the rap game], though," he says. "I got this next album, I got three albums in my head I've already conceptualized. Once I get them out, I'm done."

After that, T.I.P. reveals that his last three albums will consist of a trap music project, a love album, and then a final body of work called Kill the King.

"The next one is more like Trap Muzik. It's Trap Muzik 2017," he says. "And the one after that, it's gonna be more like a love, as it pertains to a dope boy. And the one after that is my final album. It's called Kill the King."

He continues, "Simply because, ever since my first album I put the title of 'King of the South' on me. And to make yourself a king is to make yourself a target. And in chess, the object is to kill the king. So Kill the King will be my final project. Will they kill him, or will he ride off into the sunset?"

The Hustle Gang MC also talks about Iggy Azalea's status on his record label. "She's doing as good as Iggy do," T.I. says at the 19-minute mark. "She's working. One thing I learned, man, is not to put no time on what she's trying to do... In the Hustle Gang, we have a core group and an extended family. And she's extended family... I'm not trying to rush her plans to suit mine."

As mentioned, you can watch the interview in its entirety below courtesy of YouTube. In some unfortunate, unrelated T.I. news, his bodyguard was recently stabbed at a Canadian club.

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