Back in 1994, Craig Mack blessed us with the classic “Flava In Ya Ear”—a song that received a memorable remix by the hottest New York MCs in the game. Poke and Tone of the legendary duo Trackmasters were the guys behind the song’s classic production. Not only did “Flava In Ya Ear” helped Craig Mack gain fame, it was his biggest hit during his time on Bad Boy.

We love reminiscing about rappers just as much as any other hip-hop head. The folks over at The Smoking Section have come up with a new series called “Where The Hell Is…” Basically, we know a bunch of rappers come and go like a revolving door. As time has passed, we would always wonder where our favorite rappers ended up doing during their post-celebrity hiatus. These guys feature the not-quite forgotten and detail their place in hip-hop history.

Mack is a great pick, mainly because he’s behind Ma$e and Shyne in joining religion after Bad Boy. We're sure that's not your fault, Puff. Anyhow,  it’s a solid remembrance of the once budding MC.

The truth is, Mack was more than just the butt of thousands of jokes. He made an impact, albeit brief, on Hip-Hop history that won’t soon be forgotten.

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