Throwback: Lil Wayne And Birdman Against The World
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They've come a long way. From the time when the N.O. was nowhere on the hip-hop map to nationwide dominance to dissent and dissolution. Now the last of the Cash Money Millionaire Mohicans are back atop the rap game. They've come a long way, Baby and Wayne...
Check Out The Game’s First XXL Cover Story From 2005
The Game had a hard-knock life in the city of Compton before deciding to take a crack at the rap game. Vowing to bring the West Coast back as a major player in the hip-hop world, he, in fact, did just that. Bow down!
Words Jon Caramanica
Editor’s Note: This story originally ap…
Chris Brown Tells All In Throwback Cover Story
After more than one year of dodging the press, Chris Brown breaks his silence.
Words: Chris Brown
Images: Juco
Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the December/January 2013 issue of XXL Magazine.
Since this is my first cover in a minute, I’ll explain why I wa…
The D.O.C. Is The Secret Weapon Behind N.W.A.
If they wrote a book on the life of D.O.C., you think anyone would read it? They should, f*@kers. Y'all have to wait, though. The secret weapon behind the N.W.A. franchise has a new LP and a few more chapters to live.
Words Gabriel Alvarez
Images Mike Schreiber
The weekend could not have been bett…
Lil Kim Is The Baddest Girl Alive
Words Amy Linden
Photos Clay Patrick McBride
NEW YORK CITY’S Central Park South is a mixture of dyed-in-the-wool, Waspy Manhattan mega bucks and the glitz of the nouveau notorious. Side by side stand the symbols of those who will be keeping their fortunes for a while and those riding …
Check Out How 50 Cent Put Together “How To Rob”
Give Up The Goods
In 1999, the rap business was thriving, with multiplatinum plaques, million-dollar videos and popping bottles of champagne. Rookie Southside Jamaica, Queens, MC 50 Cent just wanted a piece of the action. His debut record, "How To Rob," told folks how he was gonna g…
Ma$e Doesn’t Want To Go Back To Rap In November 2002 Story

Mase left the rap game three years ago, but we still miss him. With rumors strong about a possible return to hip-hop, we go deep cover to his church in Atlanta to find out the truth.
Written By: Marginee Ellis
Illustration: Chang Park
Awash in a fervent sea of “Hallelujahs” and “Thank Ya’s,” Pastor Mas…

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