Since first bursting onto the national radar with her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: New York, Cardi B has become one of the hottest stars in entertainment. With the release of her highly-anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy last Friday, her rags-to-riches story of hopping from the stripper pole to the top of the charts is the most feel-good stories of the past year, making her a media darling and one of pop culture's more endearing personalities.

Cardi B has started 2018 with a historic run that has made her the first woman to simultaneously appear on five songs in the Billboard Hot 100: her No. 1 single "Bodak Yellow," "Bartier Cardi," Migos' G-Eazy's "No Limit," Migos' "Motorsport," and Bruno Mars' "Finesse (Remix)." Yet following that music world domination she went quiet—at least in part as a result of swirling pregnancy rumors (which turned out to be true!).

Now with Invasion of Privacy officially released, Cardi B is on her press run, answering the many questions that fans have wondered about the rap superstar. She's stopped by some of the biggest radio (The Breakfast Club), television (Saturday Night Live) and print media (GQ) outlets to promote her baby—both musical and placental—and share insight into the inspiration behind the record, her journey as a women and creative, and where she plans to go next. The outspoken Bardi got up close and personal with the public like never before.

XXL compiled a list of 15 things we learned about Cardi B from her recent promo run.

  • She's Pregnant

    Saturday Night Live

    Cardi finally put the rumor mill to rest with her appearance on Saturday Night Live. While she didn't appear in any skits, the Bronx rapper silenced the rumor mill that wondered whether she and Offset were expecting a child. During a performance of "Be Careful," she showed off her growing baby bump in all of its splendor, wearing a form-fitting white dress.

  • Cardi Briefly Considered Abortion

    The Breakfast Club

    After confirming her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, Cardi B stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club to speak about her new album. The topic turned to her decision to keep her baby in spite of her busy career. Although Cardi admitted that the pregnancy wasn't planned, she admits that having an abortion "kinda, sorta" crossed her mind, but she ultimately decided that she "didn't just wanna deal with the whole abortion thing" and felt that she was prepared for motherhood.

  • Cardi Admits to Having a Co-Writer

    The Breakfast Club

    During Cardi B's ascent as a rap star, there have been whispers about her usage of ghostwriters to make her Billboard hits, rumors which she addressed during her visit to The Breakfast Club. "Pardison [Fontaine], he's not a ghostwriter, he's a co-writer, I credit him on all of the songs that he been in," Cardi explained. She shared that her collaborator has earned his own record deal with Atlantic Records thanks to their working relationship.

  • She Has an Upcoming Fashion Nova Line

    Beats 1

    Cardi B shouts out Fashion Nova any chance she gets. And it seems that repping her favorite brand has paid off. Bardi told Ebro of Beats 1 Radio that she's making her first foray into fashion through a partnership with Fashion Nova.

    "I know that a lot of people cannot afford expensive shit," Cardi said. "Nobody got $400, $500 for a damn shirt, so everything's going to be affordable. I want people to look good, to look high-end with a good budget price, and this is the perfect opportunity. So I'm excited about that."

  • Cardi B Became a Gang Member as a Teenager


    In response to long-running speculation about her gang-affiliation, Cardi B cleared the air during her interview with GQ, in which she admits to being down with the Bloods, the set she joined at age 16.

    However, Cardi B made it clear that she's not an active gang member and doesn't promote gang culture, instead urging children to avoid the lifestyle.

    "If somebody was to tell me right now, 'I want to join a gang,' I would tell them that it's a waste of your money, it's a waste of your time," Cardi B said, before adding, "and then you can never leave it."

  • Offset Pushed Her to Stay in the Studio


    When asked of the role that Offset plays in her life, she credits her rap star fiancé for keeping her motivated, particularly during the making of her debut album.

    "I be so sleepy because I do so much things," Cardi explained during an interview with GQ magazine. "So he always pressure me to go to the studio. Like, just last week I was sleeping, and it was three in the morning. This motherfucker took the sheets off of me and woke me up. Refused to give me back the sheets until I get my ass in the studio."

  • Why She Titled Her Album 'Invasion of Privacy'

    The Breakfast Club

    Cardi B gave context to her decision to name her debut album Invasion of Privacy. "It just came up as a conversation because while I was doing the album, I felt like that's when my privacy was getting invaded the most," Cardi explained while on The Breakfast Club. "Like, every single time I looked at the internet, it was a story about me, it was a story about my dude, it was just, like, getting so ridiculous and overwhelming."

  • She's Obsessed With U.S. Presidents


    During an interview with GQ, Cardi B shared her love and adoration for U.S presidents, particularly Franklin D. Roosevelt. She praised him as "The real 'Make America Great Again," for his implementation of Social Security to assists the elderly and his signing of the New Deal, which helped lift the country out of the Great Depression.

    Cardi also shared her unique ability to name the U.S. presidents in chronological order, proving she's as well-rounded as they come with interests as varied as her wardrobe and hairstyle.

  • Cardi B Is of Trinidadian and Dominican Descent


    Raised in the Bronx, Cardi B is bilingual is the product of immigrant parents—her father was born in the Dominican Republic and speaks Spanish, while her mother moved to the United States from Trinidad as an adolescent and speaks "broken English."

  • Her Favorite Subject in School was English


    When Cardi B wasn't skipping class and attending "hooky parties" as a high school student, she was busy in the classroom, particularly English, which she says is her favorite subject. Her interview with GQ revealed her love of books, with her list of faves including classics as varied as To Kill a Mockingbird, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and The Coldest Winter Ever."

  • The Origin of Her Catchphrases

    The Tonight Show

    One of the more hilarious moments of Cardi B's appearance on The Tonight Show was her explanation of the origin of her various catchphrases that have helped shape her wacky persona. From comparing them to sad kittens and cold New York pigeon, Cardi breaks down how and when to use her tongue-rolling sounds.

  • Cardi B Has No Desire to Start a Record Label

    Sway in the Morning

    Many artists have aspirations of becoming a music mogul, but Cardi B is not one of those individuals. When asked about the possibility of starting her own label and putting other artists under her wing, Cardi explains that she's not cut out for the responsibilities that come with guiding someone's career.

    "I don't wanna promise somebody a dream that I might not even be able to fulfill," she said. "I don't wanna tell someone 'I can make this happen for you' when I can't even make certain things happen for me I don't."

  • Cardi B Doesn't Want to Be Compared to Anyone

    Sway in the Morning

    With her rising fame, Cardi B is feeling the pressure that has come as a result of her massive success, as well as the constant comparisons to female rappers present and past. She spoke about this during her visit to Sway in the Morning.

    "I get, like, anxiety when I go to the studio because everybody is just expecting some crazy amazing magic from me and it's just like I wanna give y'all what I thought that I like at the time," she said. "I don't want pressure.
    Stop expecting that everything is gonna be a No. 1. Stop—every song that I make—comparing me to another person, stop doing that. It really has become a job and I don't like that."

  • Atlantic Records Found Out About Cardi's Pregnancy Before She Told Them

    The Breakfast Club

    Cardi B's pregnancy reveal was a shocker to many, but Atlantic Records was in the know before Cardi even got the chance to come up with a game-plan.

    "I didn't even have the chance to do that," Cardi told The Breakfast Club, later adding, "something that is so precious and private to me, I couldn't keep it for myself." Invasion of privacy indeed.

  • Cardi B Plans to Take a Short Break From Her Career After Giving Birth

    The Breakfast Club

    With all of the demands that come with releasing an album, it looks like Cardi B will be in high demand for the foreseeable future, but plans to take a short break from all of her responsibilities and duties as a celebrity to focus on motherhood. When asked about her plans following the birth of her child, Cardi reveals that she will spend "a month [or] three weeks," but is taking a wait-and-see approach for now.

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