Turns out Trouble Man wasn't just a catchy name for one of T.I.'s albums. According to a report from TMZ, there was a shooting at the rapper's Scales 925 restaurant that left one man injured while another was arrested for drugs. The report states that a group of men started arguing on the Atlanta restaurant's upper patio and after they were kicked out of the eatery by staff, the group continued to fight in the parking lot. A man then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot another man in the leg. The victim fled the scene in his friend's Porshce.

The police pulled over the fleeing car and found the inured man and a duffle bag with 240 grams of weed and $6,000 in cash. The victim was arrested and booked for reckless conduct and possession of marijuana. He claimed not to know who the shooter was and authorities are still on the hunt for the aggressor.

AJC obtained the police report and revealed more details about the incident. It states that the man that was shot in the leg is NBA player Glen Rice Jr. Cops said that footage shows Rice fleeing the scene of the crime and tossing a gun onto a stairwell. The video spotted the Porsche that picked up Rice after being shot and fleeing the scene. The Porsche was pulled over and cops found Rice Jr. bleeding from the leg while in possession of marijuana and cash. The man driving the Porsche was identified as Steven Pryor.

This isn't the first incident at T.I.'s recently opened restaurant that made headlines. About a month ago, a woman had to be restrained and taken to a hospital after making a scene at the venue. Shortly after showing up to Scales 925, the woman started having a manic episode and knocked plates off of tables. Police were eventually called and the woman had to be strapped to a gurney and taken to nearby Grady Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation.