Sadly, The Outlawz have faced a lot of loss in their lives. 20 years ago, the group lost Yaki Kadafi and their leader, Tupac Shakur. Last year, the group was dealt another blow when Hussein Fatal died in a car accident. And most recently, Tupac's mother Afeni Shakur passed away in May.

The Outlawz have chosen to honor their fallen loved ones with a tribute song. The group remade Tupac's 1994 record "Pain" for a new version called "So Much Pain." San Antonio producer Ryan Elder created the beat while up-and-coming R&B singer Mike Green handles the hook.

"It's a powerful record," Young Noble said of the track. "We don't like to re-do Tupac songs, but I think we did this one justice and did it in a different way."

This Outlawz single was one of the final cuts that Hussein Fatal worked on before his death. The song was Fatal's idea too, so The Outlawz felt it was only right to finish what he started. The passing of Afeni Shakur added to their desire to complete "So Much Pain."

"With being one of the last tracks we got to do with our brother Hussein Fatal, it has turned into a dedication song for him, Afeni, and all our other fallen comrades. R.I.P.!" E.D.I. Mean said.

The Outlawz also teamed up with director Dr. Teeth to create a music video for this meaningful record. You view that visual below.

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