It's been over a decade and a half since The LOX put out a full length LP. Sixteen years to be exact. Though they have remained active as a group and on the solo tip, fans are still fiending for the illusive We Are The Streets 2. Evidence might be pointing to that project being put in motion as the Yonkers trio puts out their second track in two weeks with the Rick Ross-assisted banger "Feel My Pain."

The laid back single is a reflective one with the top tier lyricists taking their life experiences into perspective. Styles P takes the second verse spitting, "Told my mother if I die today I live like a king/I ain't sleep a lot but I lived out my dreams/Came from the streets with the dealers and the fiends/Couple people thought I wouldn't outlive my teens/Now I'm flyin' places, balconies and fireplaces/I ain't shootin' like the Uzi broke/Lookin' clean, eat cuisine with the bougie folks/Got diamonds but I still want rubies though/Classic like the book but we still make a movie though."

Rick Ross joins the fold, sprinkling in his signature kingpin anecdotes. "Ain't no love, my mind up, I shed my last tear/Street sweepin' these corners made me a cashier/A nigga's swag kept me sack like a quarterback/That type of paper made my ass never wanna rap/Virgin, I had golden eagle kilos all in my lair/I see no evil, no witness, God bless these Cartiers," he spits.

Even more reason for excitement for LOX fans, earlier this week, news broke that the trio has been heavy in the lab with A-list producers Just Blaze, DJ Premier and Timbaland. Over the past week, Styles P has taken to Instagram for three separate posts announcing that the group is working with the aforementioned esteemed beatmakers.

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