After releasing Heart of the ProjectsKodak Black made himself one of the most sought after young MCs. The rapper from Pompano Beach, Fla. became a national hit after "SKRT" blew up. Even before Drake was seen dancing to the the song, Kodak Black was already a name many fans were discovering. With the legal problems and beefs behind him, Kodak is looking to capitalize after dropping his impressive mixtape Institution last December.

"I came up with the name for Institution when I was detained in Virginia," He told XXL while in New York City. "While I was in Virginia, I was writing down songs then I came up with the mixtape name. Institution is like an everyday thing that goes on, stuck in one mind. It can be mental health, mental illness, substance abuse or work, what you wake up and do every day."

Get to know Kodak Black here on The Break.—Emmanuel C.M.

Name: Kodak Black

Age: 18

Hometown: The projects from Pompano Beach, Fla.

I grew up listening to: Nas. He wasn’t really my generation but I grew up around older people so I branched off of Nas. Boosie because when I was coming up ‘Youngest of the Camp’ Lil Boosie dropped that mixtape. I was always the youngest one in the camp around other people. I fucks with B.G. too.

I was in elementary school when I wrote my first rap. But I had stopped rapping. [I thought] “I ain’t never going to blow,” so I was in the streets. I caught a PBL charge, punishable by life charge, so I just said fuck it, and I just started writing raps again. Then when I went to trial, it went good so I was like fuck it. I just stuck to rap.

My style has been compared to: I don’t like when people compare me to nobody. I would describe my music as project music. I make real music. I don’t like to boast about myself but I make real music. Everybody else makes songs and tracks, but my music I just come straight up with it.

Something people don’t know about me: I played football and basketball. My little brother playing football right now, he’s a stud. I be training him in the backyard. He plays running back. Every game he score a touchdown, you can see it on Instagram. But me, I used to play cornerback and slot receiver. I like defense because I like to tackle. I like to hit you low, at the ankles.

My goal in hip-hop is: Shit. I feel like in this rap shit you can’t really try to go for too long; bitches try and get at you. Then when you try to stay at it for too long, it looks like there’s an image you’re trying to put on. Over here ain’t no image. I’m just going to make my couple mill and fall back, fuck the fame.

I’m the next: Kodak Black, just watch me do my thing. Whatever I do, just watch how far I take it.

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Standout: "SKRT"


Heart of the Projects