The best beefs are not always between rappers. Sure, launching diss records back and forth can make for great music, but when it comes to sheer entertainment, beefs between athletes and rappers can be just as fun to watch from the sidelines.

The latest incident is between NBA All-Star Kevin Durant and rap newbie Lil B. Things started between The Based God and The Scoring Champ after the baller tweeted he tried to listen to Lil B and his "mind" wouldn't let him do it. He then went on to say he "can't believe this guy is relevant." Lil B then challenged Durant to a game of one-on-one, saying if Durant lost, he has to sit and listen to Lil B music and make his girls listen to it too. Durant accepted the challenge, saying if he won, Lil B has to retire from rapping.

There have been plenty more athlete-rapper spats, so check out a brief history below.

Don't we just love this game?

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