2013 was an eventful year in hip-hop. In the past twelve months, we were treated to a ton of new releases from highly anticipated artists and underground mainstays. Over time, we’ve formulated an opinion on them and assessed if it’s been a good or bad year for hip-hop. Every year is significantly different, but we’ve collectively talked about standout LPs that were too excellent to ignore. Rarely do we love something upon first listen; it takes time to dissect all the pieces.

With 2014 right around the corner, we’ve realized there have been a lot of rap albums in constant rotation. There have been certain albums that met expectations this year from Mac Miller, J. Cole and Juicy J. There have also been particular albums that exceeded our preconceived notations by artists like Drake, Kanye West and Pusha T. And you can’t forget those sleeper hits by names like Kevin Gates and Run The Jewels. To be fair, these albums are in no particular order, we just wanted to highlight the few we really enjoyed. Read through and reminisce with us with The 25 Best Albums Of 2013.—Written By Eric Diep, Andrew Asare, Miranda Johnson, Emmanuel C.M. & Dan Rys