The rumored remix to Future's "Shit" featuring Drake and Juicy J (and produced by Mike WiLL Made It) finally dropped today, and it contained a few choice words from Drake that have been interpreted as shots at Kendrick Lamar. The two have a history that's been cordial but chilly in the past few months; as Kendrick helpfully pointed out in his BET Cypher, "Nothing's been the same since they dropped 'Control.'" The two have since commented on the rift in separate interviews—Kendrick to GQ, Drake during his CRWN interview—though they publicly have remained friends.

But the "Shit" remix today was the first time Drake has publicly responded on a record, or at least has appeared to. "And if a nigga say my name he the hot shit / But if I say that nigga name he still the hot shit / Fucked up / Lucky I don't feed into the gossip / Niggas act like they don't know but they should know / I just think it's funny how they danglin' the bait / But I'm the one whose killin' niggas on the hooks though." The diss seems to be designed to take shots at Kendrick's assertion on "Control" that he was out to murder his peers, lyrically.