Baltimore's own Tate Kobang dropped his Since We're Here mixtape at the top of the month and is premiering the video for "Poppin" exclusively on XXL. Riding through Atlanta, Tate and his crew stop off at the local Waffle House where they shot an impromptu clip for the hard-hitting song.

"We were in ATL, we stopped to grab some breakfast," Kobang tells XXL. "I called up my bro Spudds Mckenzie and he showed up 10 minutes later with his camera. Next thing I know, I jumped on top of the van and had the Waffle House parking lot poppin."

Produced by DerrtyCity, Kobang explains that the beat was originally meant for Nelly, but he took it right up from under the Country Grammar rapper while they were in Vegas.

"Man, Nelly was about to snatch that beat first," says Tate. "He invited me out to perform with him in Vegas. We was on Nelly tour bus and City was playing some beats he had for Nelly. When I heard this beat I was like, 'Nah bro, I need that one.' City sent it and I laid it down. Shout out to my bro DerrtyCity"

While Since We're Here continues to circulate, Tate is already working on his next project and has some big names attached to it. In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, the 300 Entertainment Signee revealed that Swizz Beatz is executive producing the currently untitled LP.

"Swizz Beatz is executive producing the album. We’re looking to drop around September. Looking to do my own tour. I know I got a couple of tours coming up that we’re working on getting on and everything. We’re going to shoot everything for this mixtape. I’m going to be everywhere, man. People are going to get tired of seeing me.”

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for the talented Baltimore MC.

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