Sukihana is questioning her stance on a particular sex act.

Sukihana Has Sexual Epiphany

On Wednesday (Sept. 27), Sukihana had a revelation on X, formerly known as Twitter, about a sex act she is known to rap about.

"Idk what made me feel like it was ok to eat a man’s a*s," Suki pondered in the post below.

An hour later, someone replied to the sexually explicit rapper's tweet with the post, "Yo senses kickin back in huh [crying laughing emojis] is mathing now."

Sukihana then noted, despite her own recent recent reflection, that she won't stop performing anilingus.

"I’m going to do it again," the rapper replied.

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Sukihana's "Eating" Track

Sukihana is an open book when it comes to her sexual proclivity. On her April single "Eating," she has a viral line about her salad-tossing talents.

"He just ate my a*s, he wanna switch/Now I'm eating his a*s/Eating his a*s/Eating a n***a a*s," she proudly raps on the track.

At times, Suki has received backlash for being outwardly sexual. Back in July, she lashed out at people who took issue with a raunchy video she posted while in London. Earlier this month, she clapped back at people who had something to say about her twerking on all fours on the red carpet at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Check out Sukihana questioning her backside-eating exploits below.

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