The $uicideboy$ are gearing up to release five EPs on Sept. 11 but before then, the New Orleans duo drop “For the Last Time,” the first single from their upcoming project, Kill Yourself Part XX: The Infinity Saga.

“Mozart with no piano/Kill when I’m Sleepy Hollow/That mystic motherfucker that’s addicted to prescriptions/Xanax for the panic/Mental problems you can add in,” raps member $lick $loth over the haunting beat.

Group member Ruby da Cherry handles the song’s second verse, rapping, “Ruby such a misfit/Hollywood Babylon, can’t resit it/Fuck a cop bitch/I’m ducking all these pigletts/Seventh Ward be my motherfucking district/Yeah, I still got my motherfucking wrist slit.”

In an interview with XXL, the group revealed they turn to music for therapy. “The reason me and Ruby do so much music is this is our fuckin’ therapy, it’s the best therapy I’ve gotten to this day," $lick shared. "And I wouldn’t want to [make music] with anybody besides my best friend and my cousin.”

Since gaining popularity on SoundCloud, the duo have drawn comparisons to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia and it’s no accident. Speaking with XXL for The Break, $lick said he grew up around the Memphis group’s music. “I was always into rap. I got introduced to Three 6 Mafia when I was eight when I was riding with my uncle," he said. "He played U.N.L.V.’s ‘Drag Em ‘N the River,’ Three 6 Mafia’s ‘Slob on My Knob’ and ‘Tear da Club Up’ and after I heard that I got obsessed."

Check out the $uicideboy$’s “For the Last Time” below.

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