Once known to the world as the CEO of hip-hop's most prominent rap label, Suge Knight's legacy will forever dwell on in hip-hop culture. However, as of recent the former label head has been involved in some pretty questionable altercations, leaving many to wonder what Suge is really up to now that his Death Row days are behind him.

From being shot to threatening that Tupac get his just due and receive a star on the "Hollywood Walk Of Fame," it seems that Suge's antics are growing by the minute. Compiling a list of Suge's top mishaps in the past decade XXL presents "Suge Knight's Shenanigans."

Demanding Tupac Get A Walk Of Fame Star Or The Homies Will Come Through

Last year in an exclusive video released by TMZ, Suge Knight expressed a stern dissatisfaction that Tupac has not yet received a star on the "Hollywood Walk Of Fame." Stating that the process is taking much too long, Suge added that his goons will storm the famous path if changes are not made soon.

Would Rather Be Called “N*$ga” Than “African-American”

Suge caught up with TMZ shifting to the topic of the N-word and he had some pretty interesting things to say.“A lot of times when people say the N-word, I like that better than African-American,” said Suge. “We’re not from Africa, we’re black,” he added.

Gets Knocked Out

Suge Knight was involved in an alteration at a Los Angeles nightclub in 2008 resulting in the former label head getting K.O'd. There were several scenario's to Suge's incident, including that he was possibly hit with a weapon or that he was jumped by several assailants.


Shot In Miami

In 2005, while attending Kanye West's MTV VMA party, Suge was shot in the leg. Said to have been sitting in the VIP while a person randomly targeted Knight, the former CEO had to undergo surgery to remove a bullet from his leg and repair a broken bone.


Sued Kanye West

In 2009, 4 years after the incident at Kanye West's VMA party which led to Suge Knight being shot in the leg, Knight filed a lawsuit against West and the Club's owners. Stating that they failed to provide the security necessary to keep out weapons, Suge was seeking $200,000 in medical bills from the gunshot that shattered his femur,  and other  damages totaling over $1 million.

The case was eventually settled out of court.

Shot At Chris Brown's VMA Party

In 2014, while attending Chris Brown's VMA party in LA, Suge Knight was shot at 1Oak Nightclub in West Hollywood. Shot 6 times, 3 times in the arm and 3 times in the stomach, Suge Knight went into immediate surgery and was later placed in the ICU. Answers still have not surfaced as to why Knight was shot, again, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

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