Suge Knight has officially been charged for the murder of Terry Carter and the attempted murder of actor Cle “Bone” Sloan. TMZ is reporting that a videotape will be a major piece of evidence in the case. Earlier today the Los Angeles Times reported the $2.2 million bail that was set for Knight after he turned himself in to authorities has been revoked. Also reported was that Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida stating authorities are labeling Knight a flight risk and are holding the former Death Row Records head honcho due to his criminal past. Knight is due in court on tomorrow and is facing a life sentence if convicted.

Suge Knight initially turned himself in on suspicion of murder following the fatal hit-and-run. Knight’s lawyer, James Blatt, told reporters last week that the hit-and-run was an accident and that the murder charges should be dropped this week. However, that's not the case.

Anonymous sources who was on scene of the crime confirmed to The Guardian that violence escalated when Knight visited the set of Straight Outta Compton in an attempt to make amends with Dr. Dre. Sloan was working site security and as a location scout assistant. He and Knight do not get along and Sloan didn't want him on set.

“Suge had never got out of the car," said the on-set source. "He had talked to Ice Cube’s security, and he said they could talk about it later on. Bone came and started arguing with Suge, said he should get out of there. Suge said, ‘I’m already leaving.’ They had an altercation.”

Suge then called Carter to pacify the situation and they both agreed to to meet at Tam’s Burgers a few miles away. When the two began "cordially" talking through the windows of their car, that's when Sloan hopped a fence and started striking Knight through the truck window. In an effort to leave, this is when things escalated. Knight put his truck in reverse, striking one of the victims identified as Sloan by sources. Carter had exited his Dodge to the scene. Trying to flee the situation Knight put his truck in drive, striking and killing his friend Carter. “Terry was coming up in the lot, the car hits him, knocks him down, and it just rolls over him – the tire ran over his head,” said the on-set source.

From The Guardian:

Suge Knight counted Terry Carter as a friend. The two came up together as young men in Compton, and rose in the music industry together – Knight with Death Row, and Carter with his own Heavyweight Records.

Since at least last year, Carter had made it a kind of mission to facilitate the reconciliation between Knight and Dr Dre, the rapper/producer responsible for Death Row’s seminal album The Chronic. Dr Dre left the label, apparently after becoming disenchanted with the increasing influence of gangs at the label.

Carter was not a gang member, but he had friends in local gangs and was seen as a tough but sensible interlocutor, who could bring people together.

“Terry’s favorite term was ‘parlay’ – as in, ‘I’m trying to ‘parlay’ something, to make it happen,” said Weldon, the producer who spoke with Carter recently about his intentions to reconcile the beef with Dr Dre as the Straight Outta Compton filming wrapped up.

Knight had been on bail after he and comedian Katt Williams were arrested on the suspicion of stealing a camera from a female photographer in Beverly Hills in October 2014. The robbery case is still pending.

XXL has reached out to Knight's attorney for comment and we'll update you as news progresses.

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