Stevie J is in a whole lot of trouble, and this time, it's for what he didn't do rather than what he did.

On Monday (March 5), TMZ reported that the former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star is now facing prison time after failing to pay $1.3 million worth of child support. The U.S. Attorney Southern District of NY tells the celebrity news site that Stevie will be required to turn himself into prison on April 10.

While these sorts of cases are usually handled by the state, the sheer amount of money Stevie owes, along with the fact that the missing child support payments affect women in different states, has led to Stevie J's is being taken to the federal level.

Stevie originally pled guilty to skipping out on child support payments last February, and at that point in time, the judge ordered that Stevie pay at least half of the $1,304,835.86 he apparently owed. He was also placed on three years of probation unless he managed to pay off the tab before that was up. One year later, a judge learned that he'd apparently stopped making payments, and now Stevie's about to pay a steep price.

TMZ didn't specify the identities of the women involved with this case, but Stevie has six children by the names of Bonnie Bella Jordan, Eva Giselle Jordan, Dorian Jordan, Savannah Jordan, Sade Jordan and Steven Jordan Jr. Bonnie Bella is the youngest of Stevie's kids, and she was born to his ex-girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez, on Dec. 28, 2016.

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