With the sixth season of VH1's reality TV franchise Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta coming to a close, host Nina Parker rounds up the cast members to discuss the highs and the lows that occurred between them all over the course of the past 16 episodes.

One of the first topics addressed is the long-running feud between Tommie and Joseline. It's no secret that Joseline went and got a restraining order against Tommie. The latter says that she doesn’t know what the deal is with the Puerto Rican Princess. Tommie thinks Joseline is the one going to the police and causing her legal trouble.

According to Tommie, she’s over the situation. But there's something she needs to get off her chest. Tommie reveals that Stevie J came to her hotel room one night and brought a battle of liquor. The moment appeared like he was putting the moves on her, but she says that nothing sexual happened between them. However, he did show her his penis when the two were in a Bentley, but Stevie says that Tommie was the one who initiated the act.

When asked what is the reason for Joseline and Tommie’s beef, Mimi suggests that Joseline was jealous of her. Jessica Dime gives her thoughts, saying she believes that something sexual went down between Tommie and Stevie J that turned Joseline against her. Both Stevie and Tommie deny the allegations.

In regards to her fight with Treasure, Tommie says that things escalated because she thought that she was coming to the spa to get an apology from Treasure, but when she got into an argument instead, she decided that all bets are off. The two continue to engage in a war of words, which concludes with Treasure saying that if she’s attacked, she’s gonna defend herself. Treasure admits she didn’t mean any harm in her apology, but was just being sincere and true to herself, regardless of the consequences.

Tommie also discusses the wine tasting where her and Jessica Dime got into it, which Jessica attributes to Lovely Mimi. Dime has developed a disdain for Mimi, much to the latter's surprise, who was unaware of the bad blood. Tensions heat up and Lovely Mimi, who also nearly got into an altercation with Ciera and Karlie Redd during the reunion, is removed from the room by security after attempting to attack Dime, who appears carefree as she continues to mock the rookie cast member.

As the focus of the conversation shifts back toward Tommie, she says that her beef with Dime wasn’t about Joseline and that it was more about Dime’s mistreatment of Tammy when asked if there can be peace. However, Rasheeda gets them to agree to be cordial with each other moving forward, but who knows how the peace treaty will play out between the two moving forward into the show’s next season.

Tommie says that her and Joc's relationship was merely a way to get revenge on Karlie Redd. During the conversation, she begins to snipe at her season 6 rival, who's skin she's clearly gotten under with her tactics. Joc also reiterates that Tommie didn’t come onto him in a sexual way, but also notes that he feels he and Tommie were incompatible. However, he enjoyed their fling while it lasted.

When asked if she’s still seeing Ceasar, Karlie reveals that Ceasar was having relations with Tommie, causing Karlie to break things off with him and move forward. This was much to Tommie’s delight, who continues to provoke Karlie and revel in her. According to Tommie, her retaliation against Karlie is a success.

Nina Parker opens up the discussion to what happened at Joc's party, where Rasheeda's mother Shirline demanded that Kirk take a paternity test. Kirk says that when he walked in, he was blindsided and didn’t know how to face the music at the time and froze up. When asked if Rasheeda was upset about Karlie Redd’s involvement, Rasheeda says that there were times she felt Karlie went a little too far, but she understood that it was coming from a good place.

Shirline says she has her doubts Kirk and Jasmine only had sex one time, but Kirk admits that it was more than once and that Rasheeda already knew as well. Rasheeda reveals that even though their marriage had hit a rough patch, that Kirk was not justified in cheating on her and putting their family in the predicament they’re in, on national TV.

Scrappy was surprised by Kirk and Rasheeda's marital issues due to how long he’s known them and the way he views them as one of the power couples in Atlanta’s rap scene. As she continues to convey her feelings about Kirk’s affair, Rasheeda begins to break down in tears and says that although her and Kirk grew together as people, that the bond and trust that was destroyed due to Kirk’s infidelity has left her heartbroken and in a despair. However, Rasheeda admits he's helped her become the woman she is today. She also reiterates that Kirk’s actions not only affected her, but their family as well, particularly their children, who she says look up to Kirk as a hero and a role model.

Some people who appear to be noticeably missing from the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion are Jasmine and Rod. Rasheeda thinks they don’t deserve to be in attendance due to their actions. Since her and Kirk have been longtime members of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast, their opinions were taken into consideration and Jasmine and Rod weren't invited to attend. However, they were given the option to join via satellite but they declined.

Rasheeda feels Jasmine failed to contact her immediately and sit down to discuss the situation between her and Kirk woman-to-woman. This means that there was obviously an ulterior motive in play on Jasmine's part, Rasheeda says. When questioned about whether he ever had sexual relations with Khiana, who's Jasmine's friend, Kirk denies the allegations and says that he was not a serial cheater. He admits he never had relations outside of his marriage with anyone other than Jasmine.

The love triangle between Ciera, Moriah and Shooter also comes center stage. Ciera, who has decided to stay with Shooter in the wake of his affair, and Moriah bicker back and forth, while Shooter plays the sideline for the most part, although he does own up to his actions and offers his remorse.

Stay tuned for what comes next from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

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