If you thought the first part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season 6 reunion was full of surprises, the final episode of the season will certainly blow you away as the cast members hold little back during the proceedings. As usual, the cast air out dirty laundry, make amends and give context to events that happened throughout the 17 episodes.

Things get off to a rocky start in this second part of the reunion as Joseline refuses to come to the stage, even after Stevie J goes backstage to mediate the situation. Joseline feels the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta producers are attempting to taint her character, which leads her to say she will no longer be appearing on the show, despite threats of a lawsuit for breach-of-contract. She concludes her diatribe by saying that she is the true star of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, alluding to her being above appearing alongside the other cast members, let alone the reunion. This appears to be her last scene on the show.

Stevie J believes Joseline leaving the show is the end of an era. Mimi Faust says that the reason that she cannot coexist with Joseline is because she called child protective services and that her and Joseline’s relationship is irreconcilable. When Stevie says that motherhood has changed Joseline, her other cast mates beg to differ, making it clear that the feeling between them and Joseline is more than mutual.

Estelita makes her debut during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion and explains her reasoning for aligning with Stevie J, which is strictly to make music while staying away from the drama that engulfs him. The incident between Karlie Redd and Estelita at Jessica Dime’s listening party is also broached, and the two come to an understanding that they have no reasons to hold a grudge with each other, effectively ending the beef between the two on a respectful note.

Momma Dee and Ernest’s marital issues are discussed, particularly the rift that Ernest’s relationship with his mother is creating between the two. Ernest says that he loves his mother dearly and that he wants the two to have a healthy marriage and live in harmony. They also share that they’re living together again, working out their issues and making progress. The bubbly Lovely Mimi goes into depth about her time on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and her beef with Karlie Redd. The two begin to bicker with each other, and Lovely Mimi has to be restrained by security so she won't attack Karlie.

When Karlie attempts to discredit Lovely Mimi’s credentials, Tommie and Melissa come to her defense and offer encouragement. Ciera says that she doesn’t have anything personal against Lovely Mimi, but that her boisterous disposition does not mesh with her personality and that the two are better off not doing business with each other.

The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta went on a memorable trip to Jamaica during this season, which is another topic that gets touched upon, as well as all the drama that went down between Treasure and Jessica Dime, which ended in a fight. Things become heated between the two and Jessica Dime gets aggressive in her tone, threatening to assault Treasure out of anger for her scandalous actions. However, the mood lightens when Karlie Redd and Yung Joc reveal that something did go down between them during their trip to Jamaica, news that comes as a surprise to their cast mates.

Tommie’s relationship with her mother Samantha comes into the mix, but when the host attempts to get the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member to open up about her childhood, she refuses and storms off the stage. Tommie eventually decides to come back and face the music. Although they’ve had their issues throughout the years, Tommie does have love for her mother.

K.K. King, whom Tommie got into beef with during the tail-end of the season, is not present at the reunion, but appears via video stream to air out her differences with her former associate. The two instantly begin to argue with each other, with K.K. blasting Tommie for not showing appreciation since K.K. brought her onto the show. K.K. feels that the budding reality star has gotten too big for her britches and forgotten those who were in her corner before the fame K.K. also says that Tommie threatened her and that if she doesn’t apologize to K.K. for her actions that she’ll be going to prison. However, Tommie remains defiant, living up to her reputation as one of the more volatile and headstrong members of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast.

Mimi Faust and Melissa, who were previously seeing each other, had a falling out early in season 6, their romance turning cold quickly due to Melissa's relationship to Joseline, as well as her past dealings with Ariane. In the midst of Melissa and Mimi's exchange, Ariane enters the fray and directs shady remarks toward Melissa, who also shares her disdain for her former associate. This is a sign that their friendship will not be repaired anytime soon and that the wedge between Ariane, Melissa and Mimi remains.

Scrappy, who moved to Miami in the wake of his breakup with Bambi, played the background for much of the season, but is moving forward in his life and says that he has no serious relationship at the moment. However, he’s open to trying his hand at love again in the future.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season 6 reunion may have been filled with many ups and downs, but the reunion addressed all of the drama and provided the answers to many questions, and closed yet another season of hip-hop's favorite reality show.

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