Stevie J hit Hot 97 after the fight last night (July 15) on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion. The producer seemed unbothered by the chain of events that went down, expressing that his girl Joseline got into “a couple bouts.” He further explained that things weren’t as serious as people made it out to be because not much could happen.

“It wasn’t even serious because it was like 40 security in there so what basically can you do with 40 big pushes,” said Stevie.

While he was unaffected by the fight, he was upset that Benzino jumped in. He told Ebro that that Benzino should “ let the hoe handle hoe business. It’s show business. Niggas shouldn’t even…dudes shouldn’t even be getting involved when chicks have a problem. Let the girls handle that. I’m trying to figure out from day one when I first heard gangsta business they let the brauds handle braud business. When the dudes jump in into brad business, they might as well be a braud.”

Stevie claims that Benzino took matters into his own hands when he threw a punch at Joseline.

Fights erupted when Benzino began to talk “slick,” which led to Joseline and Althea jumping in. He says he thought he thought they were friends, but when he put when Benzino put his hands on his chick it went out the window.

“I don’t want to be associated with somebody that wanna hit girls.”