Soulja Boy has told the story of how he shot a burglar in 2008, but it seems like the tale keeps getting new wrinkles. In his latest telling of the story, Soulja Boy said he knew the burglar, learning the man's identity after unmasking him.

The "Crank Dat" rapper said three to four masked men were running through his house when he began firing shots. This is much different from the version he told in radio personality Big Boy in 2009, but more in line with what he's said in recent years. Soulja Boy also went into much greater detail about shooting the home invader.

"One nigga run to the front door. I hop out, I start shooting, shot the nigga," he said. "Shot his ass. All the niggas run out the door. This nigga on the floor. [I] walk up to this nigga, take his mask off his head. Looked at, saw who it was. I'm like, 'Damn.' Shot his ass again. He screaming and shit. I shut the door."

Soulja Boy claimed that when he took the burglar's mask off, he recognized the man. He said that he heard more footsteps and continued firing shots. After that, the police arrived.

DJ Vlad asked Soulja Boy if the man he shot was alive or dead. The Atlanta rapper made some unclear statements about whether or not the man survived. DJ Vlad inferred that the man was dead, but Soulja Boy did not explicitly say he killed him. The Atlanta rapper finished off the conversation by plugging Soulja Boy: The Movie, which he said features the entire story of what happened.

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