Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are set to settle their differences by throwing hands in a regulated fight some time in March. While both entertainers' motivation for shooting the five started off as perceived disrespect, now DeAndre "The Draco" Way is saying he's going to knuckle up Breezy's face in the name of Rihanna.

SB has used social media as a tool to constantly taunt Breezy, and he continued today (Jan. 8), with more slick talk on Twitter. "Me and @chrisbrown used to fuck hoes in the same room together now he wanna trip over an Instagram like this nigga snort too much coke smh," he posted.

Soulja scoffed at the recent news that Mike Tyson would train Brown for the bout. "What the fuck is mike Tyson gonna teach Chris brown? How to bite my ear off? 😂 bitch the money team never lost shoutout big bro Floyd," he typed, adding he would crank dat Soulja Boy after KO'ing Chris.

"I was going to to chill but now I'm going to finish this nigga. I'm doing it for Rihanna. That was fucked up how he beat her ass like that," he added.

Soulja has claimed that the entire reason why Chris Brown is mad at him is because he was chilling with Ri Ri following the infamous assault.

“What he really mad about is I was with Rihanna. And nobody would have never knew that if you didn’t call my phone tripping about Karrueche,” explained Soulja in a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked. “I was with Rihanna, son. Rihanna, nigga. Google the shit, YouTube the shit.”

We wonder if Ri Ri will be at the fight.

Check out a gallery of Soulja's Twitter rant, above.

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