This Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight is setting up to be must-see TV, mostly because of the vitriol (and sideline antics) involved. While Brown has been on silent mode as he trains for the brawl for it all, SB has continued to taunt the Virginia singer via social media posts that can only be described as "fighting words." But, after it's all said and done, the Atlanta rapper thinks he and Breezy can go back to being friends.

Soulja was recently spotted at the airport and asked about the upcoming bout by a TMZ cameraman. "I've been training every day. I'm focused, man. I hope to give it my best. It's gon' be one of the biggest fights of the century," Soulja said.

"It's not about money at all. It's about my respect as a man," he added. "I was disrespected as a man. I was challenged to a fight. It's not about the money."

Soulja claims he's stopped smoking weed in preparation for the fight. He also said reports of the fight going down in Dubai are false, and either Los Angeles or Las Vegas will be the fight location in March.

As far as his prediction for the fade, Soulja didn't sound as confident as his IG rants. "I think I'm gon' win. I'm not saying it's gon' be an easy win," he said. "After the fight we can shake hands and be friends."

It would be hard to see Breezy being on the same page with that. Soulja's taunts have been over-the-top at times. He's even brought Brown's daughter into the conversation.

Just last week, DeAndre "The Draco" Way, said he was going to KO Brown to get revenge for Rihanna.

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