Yesterday (Jan. 16), Soulja Boy insists he put Famous Dex on to the game, and around that same time, he provided the receipts he thinks proves the claim. From there, Dex clapped back.

Following his explosive interview on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (Jan. 16), Big Drako jumped onto Instagram Live to assert his influence in hip-hop today by not only claiming that he put Chief Keef on, but also Famous Dex. During his rant, the Young Drako rapper says that the Chicago rapper flew out to L.A. with hopes of joining Soulja's SODMG label before he signed with Rich The Kid. Soulja also claims he's responsible for Dex's earliest music video.

"Famous Dex you better watch yo fucking mouth too, nigga," Soulja says. "Fuck is wrong with you, boy? You were broke as fuck in Chicago, nigga, and Tadoe called me and told me to fuck with you. You flew to L.A. and came to my house and said you wanted to be SODMG and after you left you went to sign with Rich The Kid. Famous Dex stop playing with me, nigga."

Soulja Boy continues by calling Dex a junkie. He recalls an instance when Dex left his house and apparently dropped ecstasy pills on his floor.

"That's why you ain't make it to the XXL cover, nigga," Soulja Boy exclaimed.

Famous Dex wasn't going to let Soulja Boy speak on him without clapping back. Before making an attempt to join his Instagram Live session, Dex went off on the Soulja Watch creator in his own video.

"You ain't put me on shit, bruh," Dex responded. "You just wanted to ride my wave, nigga. I don't want to hear that shit. Soulja Boy you better watch your mouth and stop doing coke, bro, 'cause I'll pop up and smack yo ass, nigga. You trying to fight rappers? I fuck with you Soulja Boy and you 100 but don't put my name in yo mouth, nigga."

Eventually, Famous Dex got through to Soulja Boy's live and a verbal melee ensued. Check out the full exchange between both rappers below.

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