Soulja Boy is going off on Lil Yachty for claiming he was the first rapper streaming on Twitch.

Soulja Boy Takes Issue With Boat's Twitch Claim

On Sunday (Oct. 15), Soulja Boy went Live on Instagram to address Boat's comments in a new interview where the QC rapper claims he started the trend of rappers using Twitch as an avenue to stream.

"Lil Yachty, sit your b***h-a** down, n***a," SB begins in the angry video below. "Drake, you and Lil Yachty getting on my muthaf**kin' nerves. F**k wrong with you p***y-a** n***as, man? Lil Yachty, you is a b***h, n***a. Fruity-a** n***a. Painting your muthaf**kin' toenails and s**t. B***h, you wasn't the first n***a to do s**t," Soulja added, followed by more expletive-laced insults.

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Lil Yachty Claims He Was First Rapper on Twitch

Soulja Boy is responding to an interview Lil Yachty did with Cool Kicks on Oct. 14, where Boat emphatically claimed he started the wave of rappers going on Twitch along with Post Malone.

"I was the first rapper to stream, in 2017," Lil Yachty boasted at the 12:30-mark of the video below. "Before anyone. Twitch wasn't even popping. I was on Twitch. It was me and Post Malone on Twitch, 2017, nobody was there. G-check it. Nobody was on Twitch before me and...I think I was even before Post Malone. It was us, the only rappers. Seven years ago."

Back in 2021, Soulja Boy, whose partial claim to fame is being the first rapper to do things, noted he was the first rapper on Twitch via X, formerly known as Twitter.

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See video of Lil Yachty claiming he was the first rapper streaming on Twitch and Soulja Boy's response below.

Watch Lil Yachty's Twitch Claim and Soulja Boy Blacking Out on Yachty

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