Soulja Boy is shooting down TMZ's report he failed to pay rent for an L.A. home. According to SB's rep, the property isn't even in the rapper's name. Read Soulja's side of the story here.

Original Story:

More news relating to Soulja Boy's Los Angeles home today, as TMZ reports that the homeowner wants to kick the rapper out over unpaid rent. Just yesterday the celebrity news site reported that Soulja's Hollywood Hills home was broken into, over $20,000 in cash and jewelry stolen, with a whole different set of issues now upon him.

According to the site, Soulja is more than a month behind on rent for the crib, which he leased three months ago for $6,000 a month. Expectedly, the landlord is seeking proper compensation saying that his attempts to secure payments aren't taken seriously. The owner is giving Soulja a week to pay up before lawyers get involved.

Not only was SB's L.A. home in the news because of the recent theft, but the rapper was arrested there in December for violating his probation after police found a gun on the premises. Soulja was out on band in no time, using Twitter to accuse Quavo, who he was somewhat beefing with at the time, of dropping a dime on him.

No doubt there is a compounding of factors here for Soulja's landlord who reportedly isn't getting paid for a piece of property, that has now repeatedly been linked to crime. Rappers and landlords have been at odds inn the past, Tyga settling a lawsuit in August over unpaid rent and property damages. A$AP Rocky meanwhile countersued a landlord in December, claiming he was negligent in maintaining the building.

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