Even though he has many different ventures and businesses to think about at once, Snoop Dogg is never too busy to help another citizen in need. TMZ reports that the Long Beach, Calif. rapper helped rescue a stranded motorist on a freeway in Riverside, Calif. after their car broke down.

Katrina Graham was driving back from church this past Sunday (Feb. 18) when her vehicle broke down, forcing her to call her brother for help. While waiting for her sibling to come help her, Graham recalls hearing a knock on her window and saw Snoop standing there, offering to push her car to a safer spot.

Graham also claims that the veteran MC parked his own car off the exit and then headed back to help her get out of the way of incoming traffic. After he gave her some well-needed assistance, Snoop took a picture with Graham, who sports a big smile in the photo.

Amazingly enough, the rhymer, who just dropped his new EP, 220, made it in time to attend the NBA All-Star game later that day. Before the big game, his team originally defeated 2 Chainz's squad in the Hip-Hop All-Star game last Friday (Feb. 16).

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