It's safe to say Snoop Dogg is not a fan of dolls used for sexual enhancement. Recently, there has been an uptick in talk about sex robots and sex dolls, as pictures of some very real looking (and very stacked) sex dolls have been floating around social media. Uncle Snoop has seen the photos, and he's had enough.

"If another nigga send me a picture of one of these muthafucking blow-up dolls," he hilariously lashed out on Instagram. "Nigga, one of you niggas is gon' fuck one of them blow-up dolls and try to get that muthafucka pregnant. You insecure, no game-having muthafuckas. Quit sending me pictures of those got damn blow-up dolls. I don't give a fuck about how sexy you think the bitch look. That's a fucking doll, nigga. It's a fucking plastic doll, nigga. Knock it off, and get you a real, bona fide, breathing bitch."

Snoop's Instagram account is constantly being updated with his unfiltered views on the world. In recent months, the Make America Crip Again rapper has made headlines for issuing a warning to George Zimmerman on IG after Trayvon Martin's killer had some harsh words for JAY-Z.

He also blew a gasket on IG, going off on President Trump over No. 45's statements about the Oakland Raiders' Marshawn Lynch sitting for the National Anthem.

Check out Snoop's diatribe about sex dolls below.

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