After showing off his painting prowess with Happy Socks, Snoop Dogg kicked it with Paper Magazine to discuss his infatuation with weed and why it helps bring out his best work as a painter. You gotta respect the art.

"It gives me more vision, more thought process... I'm intense and I'm focused on what I'm doing, whether it's the color scheme or adding some sprinkles or even just a pattern. One thing about art, with paint, is that you could just throw some shit on the wall and make something out of it. So if you put your time and effort and focus into it, you can make something really creative."

Obviously, Snoop is the godfather of weed. Since back in the day, Snoop's adoration for loud has always been documented. Now that it transcended past music and over to painting, we gotta wonder what Snoop is gonna dish out next in terms of art. Only time will tell.

Paper "broke the internet" last week when they unveiled the cover of their latest issue. Kim Kardashian was completely nude for  her Paper Magazine cover shoot and she just recently spoke on it.


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