Like plenty of other rappers, Snoop Dogg has made it clear that he's no fan of President Trump. He reiterated his distaste for the newly minted president in his new video for "Lavender," a track dealing with police brutality that's actually a remix of BADBADNOTGOOD's song with Kaytranada.

Uncle Snoop's new visual focuses on a parallel universe of clowns, where a parodied version of Donald Trump is president. Following the song's anti-police brutality themes, a clown—played by Michael Rapaport—is shot and killed by police officers during a routine traffic stop. A young clown manages to record a video of the incident and posts it onto ClownTube (YouTube), hoping to shine a light on the injustice.

At other points in the video, we see a clown version of President Trump speaking on the news and issuing his plan to deport all dogs from the country—a clear reference to President Trump's controversial ban on several Muslim majority countries. By the end of the video, Snoop is aiming a pistol at clown Trump, who has both of his hands in the air. Luckily for him, and possibly Snoop, the weapon is a clown pistol that only shoots out the the word "bang."

As we've mentioned before, Snoop is far from being the only rapper to openly critique President Trump. In fact, a Texas rapper by the name of Renizance recently claimed that he was even visited by the Secret Service after making an anti-Trump song.

Since the video for "Lavender" is obviously satirical, we doubt Snoop will be getting a visit from the Secret Service. But we have a feeling President Trump won't be a fan of the new visual, which you can see for yourself below.

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