Snoop Dogg’s place in hip-hop history is set in stone. The O.G. reminds fans of that in the music video for his song “Legend.” The Doggfather dons the face paint and garb of a voodoo priest in this new visual, which asserts his legendary status.

“Look, big dog, six broads, don't matter to me/You new niggas look madder than me/Came up with the Doc, been around the world with Pac/Don't compare another rapper to me/When I came and kicked them buildings over/Swear I always knew I'd never be the same/Was born to be a motherfucking legend/I ain't never do it for no fucking fame/Motherfucking legend/You know what I'm repping/20 million, 20 years ago/Cuh, you was like seven,” Snoop raps.

The opening of the music video also features a trailer for a Coolaid movie, which is said to be coming soon. Snoop will star in this film based on his life with his latest album serving as the soundtrack.

Snoop recently caused a bit of hilarity when he performed at the National Hockey League’s All-Star Skills Competition. The veteran MC blasted the uncensored version of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” instead of the clean edit during the NHL’s festivities.

The gaffe aired live on the NBC Sports Network, leading to plenty of F-bombs flying on national television. NBC commentator Kenny Albert had to issue an apology later in the broadcast. Snoop would comment on the mistake via Instagram with a simple "My bad."

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