Monday Night Raw last night (March 23) as a guest host. During the event, Snoop brought Hulk Hogan on stage to check Curtis Axel and flex their pythons for the packed house. The entire thing is pretty funny. Watch the video below. You can watch it

Snoop's reaction to Hulk walking out is hilarious.

entrance music was never intended to be his song. While speaking with the 
LA Timesproducer Jake One said that the track was originally created for Ghostface Killah. While looking for inspiration in Seattle, Jake came across Pete Schofield and the Canadians' 
"The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia" and that's how the track was born.

As for Big Snoop, he's getting ready to drop his 13th studio album later this spring. Bush is produced entirely by Pharrell. "Peaches N Cream" featuring Skateboard P and Charlie Wilson is the first single off the LP. The video also lives up to the groovy feel of the song with all types of trippy things going on in the visual.

Aside from music, Snoop is also taking a jab at the television scene. During his SXSW keynote address, the West Coast spitta shared that he is creating an HBO drama with Allen Hughes, director of Menace II Society and Rodney Barnes, writer for The Boondocks.