Yesterday, Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz took to Reddit to participate in an entertaining AMA. There were plenty of fans of both Snoop and Chainz who had great questions to ask. Taking turns with their answers, the AMA touched on Snoop’s transformation to Snoop Lion, who can out smoke who, and how to get sober after getting really high. We picked out a few questions that were interesting to us. Check them out.

Mr. Snoop, how do other rappers feel about your transition into Snoop Lion? Do they even care?
Everyone got an opinion ! just do what u feel ya digg.

2 Chainz, do you think you could outsmoke Snoop?
nope - 2 chainz.

If you were to star in a romantic comedy-- what actress would be your costar?
Megan Goode.

Why the name tityboi?
2 tits lookz lyke 2 chainz.

At what age do you think it is acceptable for parents to let their kids smoke weed?
Oh wow!! good question! when they grown up!! less they prescribed for medicinal reasons and thats real jacc.

Are you you going to be playing GTA V? P.S. Enjoyed your music in grand theft auto san andreas!
2 weeks !!! da online looks raw!

Hey Snoop, on your last ama you told me to smoke 100 blunt sized joints... What is your next task?
U do it??

Hey Snoop I asked you this question last Ama you did and I didn't get an answer. I figured I might as well try again. I've been told you went to highschool with Cameron Diaz, if so did you ever hit that?
Nah but u could tell she wanted it.

Who, other than you, can roll the best blunt?
I been smoking these g-pens lately. its 2013 neff. step yo shit up.

Snoop, how do I grow a beard like you?
Eat bacon.

Snoop, do you like Daft Punk? :)
love em. pharrell got em right.

If you went back to school, what would you study?
calculas and law.

Snoop What do you think about Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMA's? Was she a [20]?
Gurl can twerk sumthin.

High as fuck right now, Mr. Lion. What should I do?
put ur face in mayonaise.

[via Reddit]

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