Slim 400's dislike for 6ix9ine is so real, he got it tatted on him.

Over the weekend, the California rapper showed off his latest ink via his Instagram Story. The tattoo includes the words "Fuck 6ix9ine" on his back. In the clip, the artist, who's collaborated with YG in the past, says, "I’m out here in Vegas ’cause bitches don’t want to be in Los Angeles.”

Slim then addresses Tekashi's recent visit to Nipsey Hussle's tribute mural in L.A. last week. “Talkin’ ’bout ‘Do you love it?’ Bitch, we don’t love you, nigga,” he said. “And we see you over there on that ave, nigga. Bout to beat yo ass. You lucky you is over there early in the morning like you always muthafuckin’ do. You hopped down to Chicago, early. You hopped into L.A., early. Nigga, you lucky you was on house arrest. And when a bitch seen you on the other side of the building, you moved. Nigga put your shit on tow trucks and all that. Bitch, you a ho. And you the biggest clout-chaser of ’em all.”

It wasn't long before Tekashi caught wind of Slim's video and new body art and responded via social media. "💀💀💀," he commented on Instagram.

6ix9ine via Instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

Last week, 6ix9ine took a trip to see the artwork drawn in honor of Nipsey and has been receiving backlash from artists from the West Coast ever since. The Game and TDE's Reason warned the Brooklyn native about coming to the visual immortalization of Nip.

Tekashi was also asked about the visit when speaking to a reporter from TMZ on Friday (Aug. 14), to which he said he was just paying homage to Nipsey. He also insisted that he didn't disrespect Nip. "I love Nipsey," he said. "You saw I paid respect. I got on my knee. I love Nipsey, you heard? Just like we love Biggie, that's it. That's all it is."

The "Trollz" rapper shared the video of his trip to the mural on Thursday (Aug. 13). In the caption of the clip, he said he was paying respect and noted that Nip is looking down on him.

6ix9ine and Slim 400's tension dates back to 2018, when Tekashi got into a verbal dispute with Slim and his crew at Long Beach, Calif.'s Hyatt Regency hotel while attending ComplexCon. Shortly after, Slim 400 boasted about preventing 6ix9ine from entering the hotel. Slim's beef with Tekashi likely stems from 6ix9ine's prior issues with YG. That same year, the Compton native called Tekashi a pedophile for his past sexual misconduct case.

Tekashi says he was paying homage to Nipsey, but California rappers, specifically those from the Los Angeles area, beg to differ.

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