Slim 400 is back to bashing 6ix9ine.

On Thursday (May 7), Slim 400 responded to 6ix9ine's tweet announcing his first Instagram live since leaving prison to serve the remainder of his federal racketeering sentence in home confinement. In a 41-character tweet, the YG affiliate calls Tekashi a snitch.

"Yu a snitch tho.... as nigga eff yu," writes Slim, referring to the fact that 6ix9ine testified against his fellow Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members in September 2019.

6ix9ine, who previously used his Instagram account to clap back at 50 Cent for shading him in an interview, has yet to respond to Slim. This isn't the first time Slim has come at 6ix9ine's neck.

On Nov. 4 2018, just a couple of weeks before he was arrested for federal racketeering and gun charges, 6ix9ine and his crew were involved in a verbal altercation with Slim 400 and his friends at Long Beach, Calif.'s Hyatt Regency while at 2018 ComplexCon. After the encounter, Slim 400 posted a video of himself bragging about allegedly preventing 6ix9ine from getting into the hotel for the event.

While details about what started that specific interaction haven't been openly explained, Slim is friends with YG, so that probably explains it. Tekashi famously beefed with YG after the California rapper called him a pedophile in 2018.

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