Saweetie is continuing her epic rise in the rap game, and now she's dropping a set of visuals that could solidify her place as a competitive MC. The female rapper releases the music video for her "Icy Grl" record, which sees her hanging out inside of a beautiful mansion surrounded by sun and palm trees.

On the record, Saweetie spits some hot bars over Khia's famous "My Neck, My Back" instrumental, where she flexes on her haters.

"Yeah, I be where the bosses be/Judging from my vibe you can feel it in my energy." she rhymes. "Stacking paper steadily so I can live in luxury/Looking in the mirror I thank God for what I’m about to be/You beefing with my enemy does not make you a friend of me/Girls so weird stay clear I’m living drama-free/Never living comfortably, got a lot of goals to meet/My team is trying to eat so we grinding til' our mental bleed."

The young beauty has been on the rise for the past year now, initially gaining fame through Instagram and her SoundCloud page, where she dropped "Icy Grl" originally. Her fan base is growing stronger with support, and we could see her become hip-hop's next "it" artist to come with bars like this.

Watch the official music video for "Icy Grl" below to see Saweetie spit some mesmerizing bars in the warm scenery.

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