Safaree didn't waste any time following the news of a breakup between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, saying he'd be open to reconciling with Nicki. Speaking with Power 105's DJ Self and Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, Safaree took things a step further, saying that he'd be open to reuniting with Nicki in a professional capacity.

"I don’t know, Self," Safaree says when asked if he wants that old thing back. "Not in the light of bringing it back to what it was, but just on the work tip, I think the culture needs that."

As for whether he still loves Nicki, Safaree said it's in his nature to. "I’m a loving guy. I have love for everybody. There’s not a hateful bone in me, no matter what anyone has done," he says, adding that if he had a dollar everyone asked him about getting back with Nicki he'd be a billionaire. Back in October, Safaree dropped a lawsuit against Nicki over what he felt were past due royalties.

The Love & Hip Hop star as well mentions in the chat that he just left Floyd Mayweather's gym, and doubles down on his wish to fight Meek Mill after mentioning on social media that he'd happily take over if Drake is unable to step in the ring. "That’s not even a question," he says about who would win the fight. "I’d love to see it happen."

Catch Safaree's latest comments in the video up above.

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