Safaree Samuels is going to hear Nicki Minaj jokes for the rest of his life and on this week's premiere of MTV2's Wild N' Out, Minaj's ex was roasted by the show's resident MC, Chico. While Chico battles another member of the show's cast, Chico kills Samuels with lines like "Ima tell you one thing you should know/Meek Mill got his hoe" and "Everyone at MTV land seen this/Nicki Minaj's next album is going to be called Meek...Mill's...Penis!" To Samuels' credit he seems to take the jokes in stride and is seen laughing along with the audience. Peep the clip from TMZ above and catch Wild 'N Out on MTV2.

While Samuels was all smiles for the camera, he is clearly still hurt by the breakup with Minaj. Safaree recorded a song about his relationship with Minaj and took many personal shots at the world-famous MC. The song, which is allegedly titled "Love the Most," claims that Nicki was addicted to prescription pills, cheated on Samuels, and that a scripted kiss with Nas was actually loaded with meaning. Samuels also says that he was well aware of Minaj's feelings for her new beau, Meek Mill, early on. TMZ acquired a one minute snippet of the song which can be heard here. Minaj responded to the song with a series of tweets and said that while she had a great 12-year run with Safaree, she is in love with Meek and incredibly happy with her current relationship. The full tweets can be read here.

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