Detroit rapper Sada Baby is one of a few buzzing names in the city, and that's due to his output. His latest offering is the video for "Guatemalan," which features an appearance from Tee Grizzley.

The CT Films-directed footage starts with slow motion shots of a club performance, showing the excited crowd. Later, the focus changes to the stage, where both Tee Grizzley and Sada Baby are performing. The rest of the video is mixed with scenes of Sada Baby in a kitchen, counting his money and dancing.

Sada Baby tears through the song with one long verse. He explains the song's title early on: "Bitch it’s iced up Sada/Choppa life stoppa/Baby mama Guatemalan, and I ain’t got no baby mama." He then goes on to explain how he stays safe. "All I got is bullets for this muthafucking rifle/Brand new, I got it from my swiper," he rhymes.

Around the middle of his verse, Sada Baby shares a little info about his upbringing.
"We had straps since we was little/We grew up around evil," he raps. He then goes further, in unflinching detail: "We was born into the beef/We was sworn into the streets/Knock a nigga head off/Right along with the door hinge for the cheese."

In late 2017, Sada Baby dropped his mixtape D.O.N - Dat One Nigga, which features "Guatemalan." Meanwhile, Sada's counterpart Tee Grizzley just released the "First Day Out" remix with Meek Mill and "Colors," in addition to readying his forthcoming debut album Activated.

Watch Sada Baby's "Guatemalan" video below.

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