RZA has talked about a collaboration project with Interpol frontman Paul Banks since 2013. As the years have passed, it looked less and less likely that this album would ever see the light of day. But now, there is finally hope as the two have released their first single as Banks and Steelz. The duo's song "Love + War" debuted on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show and features a guest appearance by RZA's fellow Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah.

The track sees Paul Banks handle hook duties while RZA and Ghostface Killah take care of the verses. After letting Ghost tackle opener, the Abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan shows off his pen game.

"She's high maintendance, she lacks patience/But for her love there's no replacement/Face to face, waste to brace and men chase to taste it/Most will get strung by the first engagement/I met her on the downtown streets down east/Now it seems she's always around me/And our love has astounded me, bounded me/There's no way I can break free/A serpent to her will, I'm emerging to her feel/I pour my heart out and she let my love spill/Out on the floor when love change to war/Both tryna win, tryna claim galore/Infatuation, walking fabrication/Path kept alive through imagination/Opposite sides attract and collided/The collision was a bad decision/Two lovers trapped in one prison/Tryna separate like nuclear fission," RZA raps on the second verse.

While there's still no news on the actual album, Banks and Steelz have announced they will be performing at the upcoming FYE Fest and Austin City Limits Music Festival. So at the very least, it looks like RZA and Paul Banks have crafted enough material for a set.

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