Ryan Phillippe. Actor. Director. The star of Cruel Intentions. Rapper? Not exactly, but he tried his hand at it during a recent appearance on Sway in the Morning. He also offered up his take on JAY-Z's newest album, 4:44Check out his interview and his freestyle session below.

Being a Hollywood luminary, it's only natural to want to compare Phillippe to Shia LaBeouf, who dropped off some surprisingly dope bars at the end of last year. He's no Shia, but for someone who doesn't rap, he's definitely not bad either.

Gazing down at what appears to be his iPhone, Phillippe tackles an instrumental with a few bars about fatherhood, Donald Trump, LaBeouf (a shout out) and Cruel Intentions. "Crash into me with cruel intentions/And I'll take away your girl and do some things that we won't mention," he spits

Before his freestyle session, Phillippe discussed Hov's newest album, essentially describing it as an audio guide on how to be a better grown man—and an improved father. According to him, the album discusses a lot of topics he and his friend Omar Epps—who acted alongside Tupac Shakur in Juice—deal with all of the time.

“We are always talking about new music and what our kids are listening to that we think is bullshit. Then we will get into some Biggie-Jay debates," begins Phillippe, who got a tattoo honoring the great Sean Price after his death two years ago. "We spent a lot of time recently talking about 4:44 because at our ages and being fathers I find the whole thing to be an education [and] nothing but knowledge for men over a certain age. And even younger men too."

He continues, "I feel like that is what Jay is trying to do with it, is like show you the roadmap for doing things the right way or a better way. I listened to the album probably six, seven times since it came out and I'm finding new stuff in it all the time. I was in my house yesterday packing to leave for this listening to it over and over and again and it hits me hard. As a dad we have all fucked up. Right? All of us in different ways. And the fact that he is speaking to that and also to fatherhood, and to being a better person, a better husband. I mean to me, it's the exact album I was hoping it would be.”

While MC Shan doesn't exactly appreciate JAY-Z's financial advice, Phillippe says there's a place for it. “So many people who get rich quick or get rich young don’t know what to do with it," he says. "They just don't. You see it in athletics, you can see it in entertainment, you see it in music. And so the fact that he is trying to lend a helping hand I think is huge.”

Check out Phillippe's interview below. The freestyle comes in at the 22-minute mark. The bit about 4:44 arrives at 11:30.

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