Rubi Rose has responded to accusations that she's gotten breast implants after posting a selfie on her Instagram Story that showed her in a tight white top.

Rubi Rose Responds to Accusations She Got Breast Implants

On Tuesday (Sept. 12), Rubi Rose posted a mirror selfie to her Instagram Story that immediately beckoned in accusations of breast implants, but the 2021 XXL Freshman said it was merely her new push-up bra at work.

"Flattered everyone thinks I got them done," Rose replied on her Instagram Story. "We're dropping my push-up bra next month for my hoochies."

In a separate slide, Rose added, "My push-up bra I made myself has the girls in a frenzie.....3 cup sizes bigger at minimum."

The user @kimaantha on X, formerly known as Twitter, commented that Rubi Rose was "actually insane" for saying her enhancement came solely from a push-up bra. The user @kimaantha argued this point by showcasing the newest selfie of Rose alongside old photos of her with a flatter chest. You can see the post below. Rose responded to the comment with another selfie on her Instagram Story, writing, "Still an A cup mami."

Rubi Rose further promoted her forthcoming push-up bra on X. Rose posted a video of her striking a pose to confirm her enlarged chest was due to the work of a push-up bra.

"My push up bra comes out next month," Rose wrote in the caption. "Ladies you’re welcome in advance." She then followed up the video with another photo that showcased her small chest, writing, "itty bitty."

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Rubi Rose Had Previously Been Accused of Getting Implants

The latest accusations of breast implants come after Rubi Rose had to face similar allegations in September of 2022. The allegations began after Rubi Rose posted a clip of her in a tight brown top, but she immediately replied to the accusations in a follow-up video posted to her Instagram Story. In the video, she claimed her enlarged chest was due to having her "period."

"Just on my period, and my titties swelled the f**k up. It’s giving B cup h*e," she said on her Story.

However, fans were quick to reject that theory, commenting on The Shade Room's reposting of the video that, "She be lying for no reason," among other allegations.

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Check out Rubi Rose's latest photos and her clapback below.

See Rubi Rose’s Push-Up Bra Photos & Her Clapback

Screenshot of Rubi Rose Instagram Story
Screenshot of Rubi Rose Instagram Story

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