Rubi Rose did something incredible for her dad on this special day. The former XXL Freshman sent her dad $10,000 as a Father's Day gift.

Rubi Rose Honors Her Dad on Instagram

On Sunday (June 18), Rubi Rose honored her dad on her Instagram Story for Father's Day. In a series of Daddy's Day posts, the 25-year-old rapper showed various images of her beloved father, John Benton, at various activities.

In one video, it appears John is smoking a bong inside a green room and he passes it to her daughter Rubi who gladly takes a hit of it. In the caption, she wrote: “[The] person who taught me not to give a f**k and do whatever tf I want."

In another photo, the rapper's dad is holding up a PornHub ugly sweater that Rubi probably gave him for Christmas. In another picture, a very young Rubi Rose smiles with her dad with the caption, "Happy Father's Day to my papa."

But the most endearing image of the series is a screenshot of Rubi sending her father a monetary gift of $10,000 through a mobile payment service. She wrote a note with the transfer: "Happy Father's Day I Love You [big heart emoji]."

The "Wifey" rapper captioned the image: "Something Light!"

Rubi Rose is one cool daughter; her father must be proud of her.

Rubi Rose and Her Dad Have a Close Bond

Rubi Rose and her father are very close. So much so, that her dad has his own bedroom at her house. Last August, the "Big Mouth" rapper scared the bejesus out of her father while he was doing vocal lessons in his underwear. Rubi recorded the whole interaction and shared it on her IG page; the video went viral.

In 2021, Rubi would post daily vlogs on her personal YouTube page featuring herself on her grind. Sometimes she films videos with her dad. In one vlog, Rubi filmed herself and her father eating Ethiopian food in Los Angeles and getting ice cream afterward. Watch it below.

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Check Out Rubi Rose's Father's Day Instagram Messages to Her Dad Below

Rubi Rose sends her dad $10,000 as a Father's Day gift.

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