Rubi Rose is getting roasted for a video showing her making spaghetti with ketchup.

Rubi Rose's Ketchup Spaghetti Special

On Monday night (May 20), comedian Druski shared a video on Instagram that shows his new boo Rubi Rose making spaghetti on a stove. Only instead of using spaghetti sauce, the rapper is using ketchup. In the video, which can be seen below, Rubi squeezes several globs of ketchup onto a pan of cooking ground meat. Druski captioned the post, "Yum spaghetti night."

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Rubi Rose Gets Roasted for Viral Spaghetti Video

People on social media have been going in about the video, with most people being disgusted by the Kentucky rapper's dish or roasting her cooking skills.

"Mane wtf Rubi rose on ketchup don’t go in spaghetti boo ik ts taste just like Shelby county schools lunch," one person on X, formerly known as Twitter, opined.

"@RubiRose tf you doin puttin ketchup in your grand meat fa spaghetti¿you cool ma ???" another X user posted.

"Watching Rubi Rose put ketchup in her spaghetti made me gag. That’s some trailer park s**t," another post reads.

Rubi Rose and Druski's Relationship Continues to Blossom

Rubi Rose and Druski sparked dating rumors back in April after sharing photos showing them spending time together on social media. While many people believed the courtship was a front, in the weeks since then, they have continued to show PDA on social media.

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See the video of Rubi Rose making spaghetti with ketchup and reactions below.

Watch Rubi Rose Making Spaghetti With Ketchup

See Reactions to Rubi Rose's Spaghetti

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